The LOST Addiction Continues

Amy and I decided that this summer we would finally give LOST a solid shot. We started it years ago but just couldn’t get past the first two or three episodes. I mean – how many freakin’ times can you watch the same plane crash?? But with no cable/dish in the house, Netflix has become our late night television entertainment.

It’s July 29th. We are currently on Season 5, Episode 14. Tonight we will tackle the 3 part season ending “The Incident.” Yeah…so my name is Grant English and I’m a LOSTaholic.

I will admit – without Netflix – I’d probably would have bailed in the middle of Season 5. There were about 3 or 4 episodes I was like – ugggh, please can we get back to the other 5 story lines that we care about?? But then – and don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled!!!!!!!

Then…..yeah — go read something else.

The whole time traveling, Sayid shooting Ben as a kid thing happened, and Hugo trying to write Empire Strikes Back and Return of Jedi minus the Ewoks – FAVORITE SCENE EVER.

And Hugo is right – the ewoks bite and that should have been the first clue for all of us that Lucas was loosing his mind.

But here’s what I’m liking about the series so far —

Hugo: By far my favorite character. It’s not even close. I could watch that guy on his own show. I do wonder why he hasn’t popped up in another show. He’s got great comedic timing. And this character is just perfect for the show.

Sawyer – Love the nicknames. It’s a litmus test of how well you know 80-90’s trivia. I like him with Juliet. Not a fan of him and Kate. Speaking of which…

Kate – She’s beautiful but that girl is poison. Cue Bel Biv Devoe.

Jack – can’t stand him. He always got on my nerves. Just an arrogant character. But he has had some great lines towards Kate in Season 5 and that’s been awesome.

Top 5 “OH MY GOSH, I did not see THAT coming” Moments (So far):

5. Jack + Claire Connection
4. Michael on the Freighter
3. John Locke in the coffin.
2. John Locke alive after coffin.
1. Dan Farraday being shot by his mother.

What I’m looking forward to learning:

John Locke is different since coming back to the island. Why?
Jack + Kate + Sawyer thing worked out. I’m actually tired of all of this. Think Sawyer just needs to stay with Juliette.
Jin/Sun reunion. I’m prepping myself to be disappointed in this area.
Sun – what made her a mean son of GUN in the last season. She is like a Kate on steroids.

Okay — will finish addiction here this week probably.


2 thoughts on “The LOST Addiction Continues

    1. We finished Season 5 last night. I gotta say…had a – Oh my gosh moment when Locke shows up dead AND in the room with Jacob. AND then the whole Juliet WANTING to blow up the electromagnetic thing.

      I’m going to hate how this ends, aren’t I?


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