A&M Getting Set For One Heck Of A Season

Up to this point, I’ve been fairly ambivalent about the whole Johnny Manziel drama. I mean – the SEC has its share of thugs on every team. Manziel honestly isn’t on the top 10 list of thugs this year. No jail time, no felonies, no stolen shoes or books.

But Johnny keeps having one issue after the other. And the latest getting thrown out of a UT party – multiple bonehead things here. Under age drinking, at Texas, one week before fall practice starts, three weeks after disaster at Mannings’ camp.

He keeps saying ‘I’m just a 20 year old kid.’ I almost believed him.

If you read this article on him, my hunch is your opinion is going to change. Manziel just comes off as a spoiled, rich, entitled kid. He may not be that way in real life, and he is just buckling under the pressure.

But the evidence is piling up. And while Johnny and family may be disgusted at A&M and NCAA about their complete lack of care for Johnny, Manziel isn’t exactly making it easy for anybody to like him with his horrific decision making. He is taking immaturity to a whole other level.

None of this bodes well long term for Johnny Manziel. Manziel is a beast on the field. And I am not sure any of his off field stuff will matter this year at A&M. Unless he gets arrested or kicked off team. Plus, I don’t think having a season to study him is going to help SEC teams all that much. Unless they got a linebacker with 4.3 speed and moves like a mongoose.

But the mental aspect of playing quarterback may be what gets him and that will sink him in the NFL. There will be no ‘I’m just a kid’ excuse.

Either way – A&M is in for one heck of ride this year. And hopefully we aren’t watching Ryan Leaf 2.0.


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