Just Make The Ask

I can’t put it in words but good night – I am ridiculously stretched right now.

We need volunteers for our Children’s ministry. I need help with the upcoming Sharefest event. We will start new Connect Groups in three weeks. Upward soccer has more kids than we’ve ever had. We need more refs, coaches, well…more everything. We took 43 to a youth event tonight. Guess what we are probably going to need real soon? We need families for Topeka Friends Network. We need videographers, sound techs, camera operators.

How many different ministries is that? I could go on. All want time in our services to ask for volunteers.

I don’t have a problem with that on one level. It’s putting a ministry in front of people – giving them the info to get involved.

But here is the reality that I tell every one of our leaders – you can not sustain a ministry with public, up front pleas for help. The announcement can inform of an opportunity. But a personal ask – that’s an invitation for adventure.

The ask is real leadership. When you look at a person and say – come join me doing this thing. It’s awesome and you need to be a part of this. The ask moves the opportunity from a slot to be filled to a relationship to be developed.

The ask allows meaning and purpose to be discovered as opposed a slot to fill. And ultimately that is what we are trying to do as leaders – help people find their purpose.


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