Lost, The Finale

One advantage of watching the entire series of Lost the way we did is that the whole story line is very fresh in our minds, easy to remember. The disadvantage is instead of having 6 years to savor and enjoy the ride, we only had like 5 months.

I loved the series. I can see why some people have called it the greatest TV show ever. However, the last few episodes were – in my humble opinion – not the best. They were good, but not jaw-dropping awesome like I wanted and expected. I did not want it to be over and felt like they could have kept going.

2 Things Left Unresolved and That’s Okay
Why was it impossible for women to go full term with their babies and survive? Quite frankly, I hated this story line. Amy and I joked later than I guess they had a quota of having at least 3 or 4 scenes per season with a pregnant woman screaming her head off. I don’t ever need to see another woman give birth again – reality or television.

Walt’s whole special powers, special kid line.

Things Left Unresolved and It’s Not Okay

Libby/Hugo connection. It actually was sort of resolved. Truth is – I’m still torqued that Libby died when she did.

The Black Smoke’s Name. Did anybody catch that? And I still don’t understand the ‘rules’ of the island and how they changed when Jack and then Hugo became leader or whatever Jacob was.

Jin’s flash forwards. I totally don’t get how if at all it even existed – he wasn’t with Sun when she delivered but then he is the father but they weren’t married??? I got kinda lost in all of it and I am not okay with this because – i liked them, dang it!!

And while we are on them – what the heck is the deal killing them off and Sayid in the same episode?? In the same sub???

Alright… time to move on.

Was Any Of It Real?
When it was over and they were all in the church – I can see how some folks would be like -‘holy cow I just wasted 6 seasons of my life on this show!! They were dead the whole time??’

Then I read one theory that they all lived in one time/universe but all died in a parallel universe. I can see that.

However, I got a totally different feel on the whole matter. Perhaps because we watched all the episodes back to back…or it could be because I have totally misunderstood the finale.

I THINK that everything up to the H-bomb blast was real. After that – well, that’s when it gets a little complicated. The nerdy professor/piano guy tried to explain it in one of the episodes. What happened, happened. And Time (at least in Lost Economy) isn’t linear.

So that sort lends credence to the whole parallel universe theory. Right?

Or it could also mean that as they died they entered a ‘purgatory’ of what could have been. And each of them have to be ‘woke up’ to meet the others.

How did I jump there? Something Christian (Jack’s dad) said – we all die. And yes, it’s real. Meaning – there is life after death and it is just as real as life. (At least, that’s how I’m understanding it all.)

Of course, there are some holes in this theory as well. Like – Desmond. How does he fit? He is the special one that had some resistance to electromagnetic fields. So that could be one reason he lives and presses ‘buttons’ in both worlds.

And Hugo. He didn’t die – at least it wasn’t shown. And he was the protector of the island – like Jacob and Jack but Jacob wasn’t in the church.

I get why Michael stays on the island – Hugo figured that out. But then that logic did not hold out for Anna Lucia. So… not sure what to do with that.

Anyway – loved the show. Thought they could have gone longer with it.

Think I will wait a few months and then watch it again. Had so many people tell me they caught so much more the second time.


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