1 out of 4



So the good news is that Cayden is going to be my fishing buddy. Amy, Coop, and Cammy pretty much have no use for it other than to eat it. I’ve done all the cheap tricks that dads do – get them a cool pole, food, even letting them drive once we are on the property, off the road. (NOT CAYDEN) None of it worked.

But Cayden is getting the hang of it. Had to drag her off the pond last night. She’s not a fan of getting fish off the hook. She tried last night. It was quite funny.

Spinnerbaits – she can fish these pretty good.

Plastic worms – she’s learning. She waits to long to set the hook and she’s a bit to gentle but I think she’ll get the hang of it. She keeps telling me that it isn’t fair that I catch her

Topwater – hasn’t caught one on one of these yet. But she likes the splashing and noise.

Tangles – one thing that is always going to be a problem with girls is tangles. Hair, shoestrings, hairties, emotions, and fishing line. All susceptible to tangles. And don’t even try to figure out how it happens – it just does. You must figure out how to untangle with the least amount of stress. This can be difficult at times.

Now, I’m learning a huge difference between when I fish with my buddies than when I fish with Cayden.


Mrs. Claudia – who graciously let’s us fish their pond – met us out at the pond last night and fished with us. Cayden LOVED fishing with Mrs. Claudia. She LIKED fishing with me. Her words – not mine. What’s the difference?

‘Mrs. Claudia, when we talk it’s like real talking. Not like when Dad talks which is always about fishing or how in the world I got my line tangled up or how to work the baity thing or telling me to keep the bale open when I cast.’

Big sigh moment.

That’s parenting right there. I am teaching her about fish, she is teaching me about me.

The only thing she forgot is to keep her rod tip up when she is working the spinnerbaits.


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