Connect Groups Are Great For Leaders

Image is the Snow Goose 1962 Stamp from the Soviet Union.

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We’ve talked about how our Connect Groups are going to be great for new people. And we’ve talked about how they are going to be great for ‘veterans.’ There is one more group our Connect Groups are going to be great for: Leaders.

Some of you are already checking out on this devo because I used the word ‘leader.’ You probably don’t see yourself as a leader. Well, do me a favor and just listen for a minute.

First, let’s not overcomplicate “leader.” A leader is somebody who moves people forward, from here (where they are) to there (where they need to be). They do this by example, by influencing, some are good, some are not so good. In a spiritual context, it’s somebody who helps others grow in their walk with Jesus. They move people from here (where they are) to there (closer to Jesus). So what is so great about Connect Groups when it comes to these people?

It’s an incubator for potential leaders. The number one reason people don’t step to lead? Fear of failure. To compensate for this, many ministries will partner a potential leader with a proven leader. That’s all well and good but with most ministries there is no “launch” point. That “potential” leader could stay a “potential” leader forever.

With Connect Groups – at the end of 90 days, it’s time to kick the tires. Furthermore, it gives new leaders a 90 day test-drive as opposed to being stuck for life.

It allows for leaders to fly longer. I can go further if I have periods of rest and recharge along the way. The new Connect Group format allows our leaders to do exactly that. Take a 3 month Connect Group to be a participant in, recharge a bit instead of just serving until the tank reads E.

Easier ask for potential leaders. If I see a potential leader, it’s a much easier ask to say – “I’m leading this Connect Group. It’s for 90 days. I think you have the potential to be an outstanding leader. Would you do this Group with me and see what you think?” That’s a much easier invitation to say yes to as opposed to – would you lead this life group until Jesus comes back?

What is amazing about this concept when it comes to leadership is this – geese do this naturally when they migrate. They fly in a V and they share the “point” position. They rotate so that no one bird gets exhausted. They allow tired birds to fall back in the formation for a bit to get their rest. They allow stronger birds to move up to lead for a short season.

And the whole time they are honking at each other…to encourage one another.

Maybe we should hand out those party horns when we start these Connect Groups in a few weeks, huh?


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