The Wonderful Plan That God Has For You, Part 1


(This originally appeared as a weekly evo for

I grew up watching the A-team. And if you did as well, you are humming the theme song right now, aren’t you? Don’t deny yourself this pleasure. Da-da-da-dah! Dah-da-da! Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith tagline for every episode – “I love it when a plan comes together!” always came true. Always. It was horribly fun television – it was the ’80s after all. (And just for the record – I hated the movie version. I don’t really want to discuss this because it isn’t worth discussing. I’m just stating the facts.)

So as I’m prepping this week for the message 2 in our Twilight Zone series, I realize that I have incredibly landed in the middle of an “A-team” moment. I had a meeting this morning with Brett Durbin. He’s the director of Trash Mountain Project, headquartered in Topeka. He might quite possibly be the most ‘famous’ person I know. If you define famous by how many people know him and how many people he has helped.

He is going to be with us this weekend during our services to promote a new partnership we are starting with Trash Mountain Project. There is an event we are going to promote – Spoken – as well as begin taking mission trips with his organization to trash mountain sites in the Dominican Republic.

Then I realized that our topic this Sunday was “God has a wonderful plan for your life.”

Then I knew I just had to get his perspective on the issue.

And that’s when I started singing the A-team theme song. And chomping on a cigar. (Just kidding. Don’t smoke.)

It’s a complete fit because Brett has seen the richest of the richest as well as the poorest of the poor. He’s dealt with incredibly wealthy donors who help fund what they are doing globally as well as minister to those who are the forgotten of the culture and live in and among the trash. He’s been with both ends of the cultural spectrum. Who better to get their perspective on this phrase?

I peppered him with questions this morning – how does he react to the phrase – “God has a wonderful plan for your life?” Does that phrase translate to those who live in and among the trash? How has he wrestled with the phrase given the two extreme lifestyles that he deals with?

After two hours of going back and forth, I knew that I needed to get his thoughts on this recorded. Except that would have been awkward in the grocery store coffee shop we were sitting in. And besides that – he was showing up this Sunday anyway…

So I decided to do the next best thing – make that interaction live on Sunday morning. It’s going to be a great conversation, you don’t want to miss this as Brett and I push this topic around and see why it is a “Twilight Zone” belief.

One thing that Brett said that I’ll leave with us as a teaser:

“I think God does have these wonderful plans for us. But – and this is where it gets hard for our culture to hear – I think our definition of wonderful is short-sighted, it’s temporary and ultimately unfulfilling. I think that is the fundamental problem we have to deal with.”

Sunday is going to be awesome! See ya’ then.


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