Our Weekends Keep Getting More Complicated

This weekend was fun but not very refreshing. That’s not entirely true…mostly true. True-ish.

Amy takes sub job in Auburn.
I take Caydo to school.
Meet up with two guys for some fishing.
Fishing was SLOW.
Lunch at home – get ready for wedding rehearsal that night.
Pick up kids from school. (By the way – they have changed how my daughter’s elementary school picks up kids and it is a disaster. Superintendent of schools was out directing traffic the first days. That’s bad. On multiple levels. Another post, another day.)

Wedding rehearsal – outside wedding while gorgeous is both hot and the allergies are in full force. I am currently on sudafed, Zyrtec, and Benadryl. And Flonase.

Football game after wedding rehearsal. Just missed Camber playing with band. Watch WRHS get manhandled by Blue Valley West. Leave at halftime because eyes are about swollen shut.

Slept in a bit due to Benadryl induced sleep.
Watched Amy finish decorate two-tier cake for Cayden’s bday pool party later. (Amy never ceases to amaze me. She’s a great cook – but a two tier cake? She took it on and it turned out great.)
Cayden’s pool party then happened.
Took Cooper to his buddy’s Eagle Scout ceremony. (Coop gets in car and says – ‘Hey, pretty cool, they have a chick pastor.’ I clarified ‘You mean they have a woman as their pastor?’ ‘Yeah, that’s what I said.’ ‘No, it wasn’t.’)

Make sure Camber has ride to WyldLife event.

Amy and I head to wedding and reception.

Outdoor weddings are dangerous. I’ve done one where it rained for 4 hours before, let up for 30 minutes. Then got hot. Pretty miserable.

This night – it was hot but gorgeous as we stood with the tallgrass behind is. Plus, this was kinda special as I got to baptize this couple a couple weekends earlier. That’s the reward of pastoring, right there.

We ate dinner with some friends at the wedding, stole an hour at Barnes & Noble on the way home.

Home around 8.30 – I think. Look over notes while watching ND vs. Michigan game. Cheer for Michigan as much as that pains me.

Wait for Camber to get home from WyldLife event.

Up at 6.30 for Sunday morning ritual.

Busy. But good. Tired but not exhausted. Not every weekend is this way. Thankful for that.


One thought on “Our Weekends Keep Getting More Complicated

  1. Well, not a bad weekend. Try this on for size; leave for Friday night football game in Brewton , Al, meet Mary after game on I-65 after game 10:00PM, drive to Lake Martin, arrive at 1:00AM, get up about 8:00AM, have some coffee and watch Game Day, go to Don’s house for lunch, take a swim, go to the Auburn game , get back to Lske at midnight, get up at 6:30 so Mary can get back to Grove Hill for Church!


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