Late Night Sports Rant #1 of 2013-14 Season

The Tide is Rolling
Alabama went from being whipped by A&M to beating the snot out of A&M to being pushed to the brink by A&M in a 60 minute span.

Never in a million years would I have thought Alabama would give up 42 points. And still win.

I’ve had enough of Manziel. Just go on to the NFL and it’ll all be fine. The guy just is a beast on the field. He makes the spectacular out of disaster…and he can also do the opposite.

Broncos – Von Who?
All that stress over losing Von Miller and Elvis Dumerville seems a bit misplaced now. Particularly now that Von Miller looks like he is going to party himself right out of the NFL. It’s a shame – because the rest of this Denver team looks freakin’ awesome.

This is why the Browns can never have anything nice.
I still can’t believe this trade to the Colts from the Browns. I’ve got to be missing something – like Trent Richardson has a broken leg or something. It just doesn’t add up…

They draft Richardson as #3 pick in 2012 draft.
He runs for over 1,000 yards with broken ribs.
They trade him for a 2014 First round pick with the Colts – which is looking like a #14 to #20 pick.
He’s only 22 years old.

I don’t get it. It’s a stupid trade for the Colts, ridiculous for the Colts. Makes you wonder – why weren’t the Giants on the phone with them? Richardson will be a monster when he gets healthy.

My fantasy teams pretty much just suck. They are terrible. Not even worth the bold type or a separate section. It’s that bad. In both leagues.

Seahawks look legit.
Redskins look hollow.
Eagles look fast – sort of.
Broncos look super-fast.
Tampa Bay looks crazy. Not the good kind of crazy.


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