Exodus 34

I’m doing the Multiply reading plan on YouVersion and today’s passage just struck me deeply.

It’s immediately after Moses comes down from the first time receiving the tablets from God and finds the people worshipping the golden calf. After the ‘war’ – Moses goes back to the mountain again – takes two tablets for God to write on.

God passes by Moses so that he (Moses) may get a glimpse of the back of God. Moses’ response in seeing this – deep, unreserved worship. No complaints or prayer requests. No pleas or questions. Just worship. Praise.

That is significant. Job had the same response. Elijah. James, John, and Peter. A real glimpse of God is going to knock me out of myself.

God gives Moses commands on what the people should bring as an offering 3 times a year at various festivals. And He says this in verse 20:

No one is to show up in my presence empty handed.

One of the questions if get asked a lot is about giving money to God. What if I can’t give 10%? (Actually – God didn’t limit you to 10%. He said generously.)

Anyway – here’s what hit me – I think that after the worshipping of gold – the point God was making is make sure you own your stuff and it doesn’t own you. That applies no matter how rich or poor you are. And God is clear – to not give anything is unacceptable to Him.

The people avoided Moses because of the ‘glow of God’ he had. Leadership is lonely. Godly leadership even more so. And real time with God changes us. Change that is noticed by others.


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