Talking Mascots with Parker Dane

Parker brought this up last night – the Dolphins have the must unintimidating mascot in the NFL. It got us thinking – there are a few less than intimidating mascots in the NFL.

The Packers. Great franchise, not sure how intimating is that? About a 2 on the scale.

The Browns register about a 0.

Cardinals are mean birds – I’ve had one attack me on a golf course. But they don’t exactly scare me. Same with a Seahawk – I mean, it could be intimidating but it’s a bird. Same with a Raven. And they aren’t like an Eagle or a Falcon that could scratch your eyes out but still… I’ll give ’em all a 2.5.

That leaves a couple of loose ends concerning the NFL. What do we do with the Texans, ’49ers, Giants, and Jets. Cool nicknames that represent a history or culture but intimidating? Not really.

So is 4 generous or insulting?? 4 it is.

So that got me thinking – other professional sports…

The newly formed Pelicans. I mean really? They are big birds. Perhaps they are mean as well but they are like the Fins.

The Nuggets, Lakers, Jazz, Knicks, Sonics, Nets….wait a minute. This list could long.

Celtics, Pistons, Spurs – perhaps the NBA isn’t supposed to be intimidating.

We could go all night here…

Reds, Brewers, 2 Kinds of Sox (I mean, really? Laundry?)

Dodgers, Mets, Yankees, Athletics, Royals…

Okay. This is getting crazy.


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