Sharefest 2013

This is our 4th year showing up on McCarter campus for Sharefest. It’s a half day of work to help the school out. We also do Backsnacks with McCarter. This year we had Journey Church with us.

We moved some mulch, trimmed bushes, painted indoors and out. We trimmed trees and removed a dead one. We washed every window, deweeded flower beds and playground areas. We even built a cool little bench that wrapped around a tree.

That’s what we did. But what we are accomplishing is so much more.

As we were cleaning up, one of the teachers grabbed a couple of us to thank us.

She says to us:

“You have no idea what this means. The Backsnacks – those kids have nothing. The clean up and help you guys on this day – it brings a sense of pride to the school, it lets the parents and teachers meet real Christ-followers and see the Church.”

At this point she starts crying. But she tries to continue.

“Your work here gives me a chance to brag on Jesus to my fellow teachers who don’t understand why a group of people would make this kind of investment in a school where their kids don’t even go.”

Amen to that.






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