My Oct 13 Sports Rant, #2 of 2013 Season

This was the first rant of the season in case you missed it.

College Football
I’m not convinced that Alabama is the best team so far. They can score, run, pass but turnovers – oh my gosh. This team turns it over more than the previous years. In the red zone.

I am convinced that their defense is dominant. A&M has been the only team that beat them up and down the field. And A&M is going to do that to a lot of teams.

Speaking of A&M – Manziel will be fine as a pro. He can make all the throws. He’s a fast learner. He’ll have to adjust his running and scrambling otherwise he’s gonna get killed. But the kid can play despite his off field issues.

Might have to revise the pick over their. Georgia is done. You don’t survive losing bit starting RBs and WRs in the SEC. Missouri exposed that but lost their QB in the process. South Caroline might win the East by being the healthiest team. It’s a shame – Georgia looked awesome before the injuries.

Big 10 – not trying to hate on the conference but……not impressed. Michigan-Penn State made for a cool story, pulling for the lions, but most of those teams just don’t look as deep and strong as PAC-12 or SEC teams.

The Targeting Penalty
I understand this penalty’s intent. I’m okay with that. It’s the execution that has totally failed. I’ve seen 4 targeting penalties called in real time. None of them were clear as day calls. All 4 were reversed – but not really reversed. How can they reverse the ejection but the 15 yards and first down stays? It is either a penalty or not.


Denver slugs out an ugly but efficient win over hapless Jacksonville. How does any team get excited about playing that mess of a team?

And I’m not a fan of their helmets. They look…Arena Football League-ish. Or was it the World Football League? Birmingham Americans anyone? Remember them? Jags unis remind me of that. Played about the same as well.

Boston and Cards are who I think will advance but not a fan of TBS hosting the wild cards. Wish MLB would make it on broadcast network OR at the least included it in their package.


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