My 2013 Sports Rant #3, The Manning Edition

2013 Sports Rant #1
2013 Sports Rant #2

By now you’ve read and heard Irsay’s comments about Peyton and how he loved the stats, he wished they’d won more rings. And how he’s changed philosophy with Luck to get more rings.

And we now know what the Fox says…as in John Fox. Calling Irsay’s comments unfortunate, cheap shots, and classless.

Manning hasn’t said a word.

Dungy has said that the comments make no sense at all and they sound completely ungrateful for what Manning did for that franchise and city.

Steve Young calls them low-brow, petty, and personal.

Colt fans are screaming that Irsay was taken out of context. Irsay says the same thing. He (and they) claim that this is all drama for nothing, some innocent comments.

Full disclosure – (not really a secret anyway) I’m a Bronco fan. So I’m honestly loving that Irsay put his fat foot in his fat mouth this week. He does that alot. I think he craves more attention than Jerry Jones. He seems to make a monthly statement about something then has to backtrack or apologize about it later. It’s humorous. And I hope the Broncos come out and play like possessed spider monkeys and hang 72 points on the Colts.

But I think Colt fans and Irsay are clueless to think that this is just a simple case of “taking words out of context.” There were in perfect context. Read the whole article. Irsay knew exactly what he was saying, even taking a pot-shot at Tom Brady. If he is such good friends with Manning, then he has to know how Manning hates his playoff record. Why even reference it? Why not just say – “Manning was incredible leader for us and this city. What a guy, what a legacy. We look forward to honoring him during pregame and then trying to kick his butt during the game.”

Heck – his comments don’t even make sense. Irsay and Polian were in charge of building those teams around Manning. The fact they only got one Super Bowl win is more of an indictment on them than Manning. I remember those teams. THIN, thin teams. Little to no depth on the defensive side of the ball. Horrible special teams. Didn’t Vanderjack miss a kick to win a playoff game? Plus, you had Eli Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisburger, and Brees all in their primes.

I honestly believe that Irsay just wanted some attention. Luck, Manning, Broncos, Colts were getting a lot of press and Irsay wasn’t. So he had to kinda speak his mind, tweet his stuff to get himself back in the limelight. The problem is – he ended up being at best insensitive, at worse classless to do it.

I don’t even think that Irsay has to defend releasing Manning and drafting Luck. Which – irony of ironies – again Manning provided for the Colts. By being out the whole, he made it so that the Colts would have the worse record and the #1 pick.

The Colts choose Luck and future success at a lower price tag. The Broncos got Manning for immediate success and a bridge to their next quarterback. Both sides have already won in this deal. The Broncos got to dump the train wreck of a quarterback experiment call Tim Tebow and are in position to win a Super Bowl…or maybe even two. The Colt’s have in Luck a QB that is going to put them in position to win for the next 10 years – as long as he stays healthy.

Why in the world, Irsay didn’t focus on that instead of digging at Manning’s record in the playoffs? I don’t know. Just glad he did because I’m hoping it fires the Broncos up.


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