Sports Rant #6, 2013 Season

Denver Broncos
Manning looked crisp after the bye week, throwing 4 TDs. CBS put up a stat noting all the fumbles he has lost this year. The real story is all the pressure and knock downs he has had that has led to those fumbles. On the last play of the game, Manning took another one of this shots and it looked like the Brady hit a few years ago.

As Manning limped off the field, there should be some serious concerns in the Bronco front office and coaching staff about their offensive line. Since Clady’s injury, the Broncos have not been the same. Teams have been able to get to Manning. And at this rate, there is no way Manning finishes the Chief’s game, let alone the season.

The Chiefs can get pressure just sending 4, which is going to pose serious problems for the Broncos. That means they can play in the dime package most of the game and STILL be able to get pressure on Manning.

It was a good win at San Diego, but the Broncos are vulnerable and the team built best to take advantage of this happens to be in their own division – the Chiefs.

Alabama Crimson Tide
Different year, same formula. Sort of. Defense, running game plus a QB that not only won’t make a mistake but can singlehandedly win a game if you need it.

LSU did two things right to beat Bama – fast paced offense and monster receivers that manhandle the corners.

LSU also did two things that doom teams to fail – panic and turnovers. Had a LSU friend text me at the start of the game – ‘We can win this game as long as our D-line stops the run and Les Miles doesn’t make any decisions.”

That assessment might be a bit harsh. The turnovers took points out of LSU’s pockets. The panic happened when it was clear that LSU was not going to be able to run. When LSU moved their backs and tight ends to be receivers instead of blockers for the QB, it opened up the floodgates for Bama. And Mettenberger paid the price.

Alabama isn’t completely out of the woods yet. Auburn – despite their completely vanilla and one dimensional offense – has special teams that more than make up the difference. And whoever comes out of the East – Missouri? South Carolina? – will be more than happy to play spoiler.

Bullying and NFL
I hope student ministries across our nation are taking advantage of the train wreck that is happening in Miami. So many talking points and the story isn’t even close to being finished.

Incognito by all accounts is a piece of work. At best – he is a clueless, ignorant, insensitive person. I am not sure I even believe that.

Shannon Sharpe finally said what I had been thinking this whole time – how the heck did that kind of language and kidding exist in that locker room in the first place? Why didn’t somebody say something?

Probably because a person is smart but people are stupid. Thank you, Agent K.

I’m not a fan of how Martin has handled his business either. There are better ways to do this than just walking out and using your agent to release info to the media. The only way that remotely is okay is of he had gone to management and they ignored him. Which at this point, could eventually come out and I’m not sure if that would be a real surprise.


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