Sports Rant #7: The Coaching Issue

I got to thinking about this during the Miami-Tampa Bay game – both of these teams are probably going to have new coaches next year. That got me thinking – which other teams will need a new coach in 2014:

Ranked In Order Of Probability

Miami Dolphins: Joe Philbin
I know he just got there but I can not see how Philbin survives the train wreck of this season. I don’t think the GM makes it either.

Tampa Bay Bucs: Greg Schiano
He has done what was once thought was impossible: make Buc fans miss the creamsicle days. The bad news for Buc fans – Glazers track record is trending in wrong direction. Dismiss Dungy, Gruden wins Super Bowl but can’t draft or develop players, Raheem Morris, and now Schiano.

Dallas Cowboys: Jason Garrett
It is said every year – if the Cowboys don’t win in the playoffs… And every year Jerry Jones comes up with some rationale to keep him. As dismal as the NFC East is this year, I can’t imagine Garrett escaping again.

Washington Redskins: Mike Shannahan
This seems incredible to say but could Shanny be on the hot seat in DC?? His defensive coordinator is and Shanny might be as well if along with all the losing, his relationship with RG3 gets any more strained. He has one more year on contract and Shanny is not one to stick around as a ‘lame duck’ coach.

New York Jets: Rex Ryan
He’s had a better year than expected. Mainly because he’s kept his mouth shut (at least for him) and he’s gone back to what he knows – defense, special teams, and opportunistic offense. Is it enough to keep his job? Maybe. This year’s draft class that at first looked like a horrible mess has actually been outstanding. Jets are getting quality play out of their top 3 picks.

New York Giants: Tom Coughlin
Staying in New York and back to the NFC East, he’s only on the hot seat in the years he doesn’t win the Super Bowl. I think he’s a great coach but for whatever reason, NY media and fans like to speculate. This would be a dumb firing in my opinion…but it is NY.

Houston Texans: Gary Kubiak
I like Gary Kubiak. I think he can coach. But the Matt Schaub meltdown may cost him his job. Arian Foster on IR and the release of Ed Reed doesn’t help either.

Tennessee Titans: Mike Munchak
This is a hard one. Munchak is an Oiler. Beloved as a player. Smart and resourceful. But he’s also 19-21. I think he stays one more year but the seat is hotter.

So who is out there to replace these guys?

I’ll save that for another rant.


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