From Coffee Table To Ottoman

We’ve been waiting to do this for a while and we finally pulled the trigger.

This is what we started with.


I got two layers of 2″ foam, sprayed adhesive to stick them together. Then here is the genius part:

Get a cheap piece of fabric and wrap your foam to your table top. Some folks will tell you to spray the foam to the table top. I didn’t do that because if we ever want the table top back – we can do that.

So here is what it look like at this point:


Corners were a bit tricky but Amy knocked them out. I wish I could tell you exactly how she did it – just think Christmas present wrapping. That’s how she did it.

Using the cheap piece of fabric as a trial run was so helpful because we got the batting and foam exactly like we wanted. Once we got it perfect – we moved on to our real fabric.

We unscrewed the legs off the table and put on the fabric using an electric staple gun. By the way – went to Harbor Freight and picked up a $19 electric staple gun. Best money spent. Air compressor gun would have been awesome but I don’t have an air compressor.


Now we have a coffee table we can put our feet on without our legs falling asleep. Just in time for the Alabama game.


2 thoughts on “From Coffee Table To Ottoman

  1. Ooohhh!!! So glad I found this post! I trash picked an amazing coffee table that I am going to do this to. Two questions – you wrote “With foam on work surface, place coffee table upside down on foam. Measure and mark on foam 1/2″ from all edges of table top.” Yet your pictures make it look like the foam extends to the edge of the table, or beyond. But you stop just 1/2 inch from the edge? Once it’s covered, can you feel the wood edge through the fabric and dacron? My whole goal in upholstering the table top is to make a soft landing spot for our toddler who is learning to walk.


    1. We took the lid off of our table. And the foam – we measured right up to the edge of the top.

      We used two layers of fabric. The first layer is just to hold the foam in place, to get it exactly like we wanted. The second layer is the “showcase” side. With two layers of fabric and the foam at the edge – you can’t really feel the edge of the table.


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