Movie Review: Catching Fire

Catching-Fire_posterWe got tickets to 9pm show and got there at 7:50. Get there early they said :


So we had some time to wait and laugh.

Catching Fire picks up right where Hunger Games left off. The cinematography is outstanding. Better than the first one. The whole jerky, I’m filming this with a camcorder look is gone. It’s smooth, the angles are great.

The story kicks into to gear quickly and doesn’t let up. We get a whole lot more characters in this one to connect. The regulars are there – Katniss, Peetah, and Haymitch – but we also get Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the new Game Master.

Let me just say – he is perfect in this role as Sutherland is as President Snow. Couldn’t ask for better guys as villains.

I have no critiques of the movie really. Thought it was better than the first one. They had to dump a few scenes from the book but that was to be expected.

The ending was as abrupt as the book so if you aren’t up to speed on the books – the ending can be a bit…abrupt. Have I said that already?

Great stuff to talk about in the movie as well – honor, valor, corruption. If you like the first one – you’re gonna love this one.



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