The Painful Sports Rant #8 of 2013 Season

Denver Broncos
As a Bronco fan, I’ve suffered my share of painful losses. Let’s start with the 2 of the 3 John Elway era Super Bowl losses. Up 10-0 on Redskins going into second quarter and then Doug Williams goes off. Then the Giant loss when Phil Simms only threw 3 incompletions the whole game. (The 49er Super Bowl was not a surprise as that probably was the best 49er team ever.). Then comes the Jacksonville playoff loss in 1996.

But in the last 12 months there have been two losses that defy explanation. The Raven Hail Mary last year and this past weekend’s muffed punt in overtime against the hated Patriots.

This next sentence is painful to write. Tom Brady reminds me of John Elway. Brady looked atrocious in the first half. But there was that whisper in the back of my head – it doesn’t matter. Then Cromartie got hurt. Then the real Tom Brady came out in the second half.

Can we finally kill this debate? Manning is great. He is Hall of Fame. He is an incredible offensive mastermind. He is an elite QB among elites. But he is no Tom Brady.

I know what Brown fans and Chief fans feel like now. Elway would play like junk for a half, give a team that flicker of hope they could win. Then he pull a game of his life out in just one (sometimes two) quarters.

Brady does this all the time. And he is doing it with a similar cast of characters that Elway had. Nobodies. Sure he has Gronk – some of the time. But make no mistake – Tom Brady could line up with your local middle school team and beat you.

Watching Brady carve up the Bronco secondary was painful. But it put the nail in the coffin as to who is the best QB in the NFL right now. It’s Brady. There’s no argument. He may just be…..

The second best ever. Elway Forever, baby. At least this week.

Iron Bowl
Walking in Home Depot with Alabama hat on and stranger says to me – think Missouri can beat ‘Bama?

I said – new to the SEC, huh? Missouri first has to get by A&M and ‘Bama has a little rivalry game called the Iron Bowl.

I’ll write more on this later in the week.


One thought on “The Painful Sports Rant #8 of 2013 Season

  1. That was close there at the end. Can’t say I’m ready to agree just yet with the Brady versus Manning debate, but if you’d pulled that trigger over Elway we may have stopped being friends. =0)


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