How Not To Do Customer Service – By Panasonic

We are using Apple TVs at the church a lot now – making presentations with our leaders a lot easier – just bring their iPhone or iPad and we will airplay it to a TV or a projector. As long as that projector has an HDMI input.

There is one projector in our building – the main one in the sanctuary – that doesn’t have an HDMI input. It has an DVI-D input – but no HDMI. They make adapters that can make an HDMI into an DVI-D but if the projector can’t handle HDCP (a certain protocol that only geeks understand), then the adapter is worthless. In other words – not all DVI-D inputs are the same, apparently.

So I google it.

Get the spec book online from Panasonic – can’t really find the answer for our particular model projector one way or the other.

Panasonic has this cool little link that will let you chat with one of their representatives. Below is the transcript:

Dec 11, 2013 4:16:24 PM

System: Welcome to Panasonic Chat. A transcript of this chat will be emailed to you once you disconnect.

Agent Natasha Fitzgerald says: Thank you for contacting Panasonic Solutions for Business. How can we assist you today?

Customer Grant says: I have this projector already – the PT-DW6300US. I see it has a DVI-D input – not an hdmi. I’m wanting to hook up an Apple TV to it – will it do HDCP?
Customer Grant says: I’m guessing you don’t get that question everyday… ha ha ha
Customer Grant says: you there?

[Let the record show that there was about a 5 minute wait for the above three sentences.]

Agent Natasha Fitzgerald says: This is Pre-Sales.
Agent Natasha Fitzgerald says: To better assist your technical questions, please contact our Projector Technical Support Center at 1-855-772-8324 option 3.
Agent Natasha Fitzgerald says: Is anything else that we can assist you with today?

Customer Grant says: no. I’ve tried those options and no one seems to be available. Just imagine that I’m going to buy another one but I want to know if I can hook up an Apple TV to it.

Agent Natasha Fitzgerald says: Support.
Agent Natasha Fitzgerald says: We cannot do Technical Support in the Pre-Sales Division.
Agent Natasha Fitzgerald says: Is anything else that we can assist you with today?

Customer Grant says: How is -“I want to hook up an HDMI product to this projector – can I do that?” a technical support question?
Customer Grant says: Never mind. This is pointless….later.
[Let the record show again a long, awkward pause between those two lines.]

After I ended the chat, I took their ‘customer service survey’ which didn’t bode well for them.

I went over the support side, found another chat icon for support.

Never would connect me – kept getting the “all of our CSRs are currently helping other customers” message which I think was being a bit optimistic. I finally sent an email and haven’t heard back.

Aiming to please, Panasonic.


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