Ultraviolet & Flickster, Part 2

As a dog returns to its vomit, so does a fool to folly.

This is the backstory to this saga..

Amy gets Camber the One Direction bluray for Christmas with extended scenes and a lock of hair from one of the boys in the band. She is extremely happy about this and says – ‘Dad, can you get this on my ipod?’

I see the Ultraviolet sticker and go into convulsions. Why on earth did we do this again????

Okay. Calm down. The comments from people seem to say that a lot of the initial problems are now fixed. It can’t be as bad as it was. Let’s do this.

Go to ultraviolet. Sign into my dormant account and type in code for the movie.

Get sent to Sony Pictures site that I must create an account with and enter code there before I can get movie in Ultraviolet. Why? Not sure. Seems very spammish (is that a word?).

After that I get sent to Flixster to either sign in or create new account in order to watch movie.

Wait. What happened to Ultraviolet and Sony?

I am thinking – this can’t be right. Very fishy asking for my info from 3 different sites. So I don’t mess with Flixster or Sony.

But alas, the code doesn’t work on Ultraviolet.

Deja vu all over again. So I figured – what the heck. I’ll try to use their customer service.

Dec 25 11:48 PM
I recently bought ‘1d this is us’ ultimate fan edition. It came with an ultraviolet code and after many attempts and failing…I was wondering if there was any chance you’d offer an itunes code for the same movie?

Dec 26 09:54 AM
Ultraviolet Customer Care – Jennifer V. (UltraViolet Customer Care Team)

Thank you for contacting Ultraviolet Customer Support.

UltraViolet can work with iTunes, but only if Apple chooses to participate in UltraViolet. Until then, UltraViolet content is not compatible with the iTunes library and we do not have the ability to provide any iTunes codes.

You can stream and download your UltraViolet™ movies and TV shows to compatible Android and Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as well as your Mac computer or laptop and the Apple TV via mirroring from an iPad or iPhone.

This is possible through many associated media providers such as Flixster, CinemaNow and VUDU. Here are a sample of steps from the Flixster media provider. Other providers will have similar procedures.

To download to your iPhone (3GS and up), iPod Touch (2G and up), or iPad (any version):

– Verify you have the Flixster app (version 5.0 or higher) and iOS (version 4.0 or higher).
– Sign in to the Flixster or Facebook account linked to UltraViolet™ account.
– Go to the Home tab (iPhone/iPod Touch) or My Collection tab (iPad).
– Tap the movie you want to download.
– Tap the purple Download button on the next page.

After the download is complete, open the Flixster iOS mobile app,
– Select your movie, tap Watch Now and the app will default to offline viewing of the downloaded movie.

Below are links to more information on how to stream and download your UltraViolet™ digital copy to your computer (PC or Mac), or compatible iOS or Android device.

Links to instructions followed

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us. We’d like to keep the channels of communication open and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process,

UltraViolet Customer Care

Dec 26 12:17 PM
I think I figured it out but it still isn’t working all that great.

So I have to be signed into to Flixster AND Ultraviolet AND I have to have a different account with Sony and be signed up with them just so I can get the movie. Right?

Then after that, I can still only access my movie online? There is no offline option to watch the movie?

Dec 26 12:20 PM
Ultraviolet Customer Care – Jennifer V. (UltraViolet Customer Care Team)

What Ultraviolet does is hold the rights to your movies. When you redeem a code, the code is placed in your Ultraviolet account. Ultraviolet holds those rights and also any member info such as parental controls and information to allow members access to those rights.

Ultraviolet acts as a central hub of a circle of Media Providers.

When you create and link your media provider accounts, the Ultraviolet account tells the media provider account what movies you have the rights to access. If you redeemed movies from several media providers then you can access all of those movies from any provider of your choice. So, if you have Sony, Paramount and Universal movies, they can all be accessed from your Flixster or Vudu accounts. There are some exceptions to this, but generally that’s how it works.

Most customers find that once they have their Flixster App or the Vudu App (both free from the App Store) they don’t have to access even their provider accounts until they buy a new movie. It’s all done from the App except to redeem new titles.

If you add Members to your account those members must have their own provider accounts so that they can link them to their own profiles and not yours, giving them free access to your collection. They can also add to that collection.

I hope this explains things? Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process,

UltraViolet Customer Care

Dec 26 12:37 PM
Thanks for the explanation. Appreciate that. But it doesn’t solve my problem.

In fact, it just accentuates what I’ve been saying.

Ultraviolet makes me – the customer – take 4 more steps than iTunes does on a movie that I – theoretically – have bought and own… As long as I’m online.

I am not seeing any advantage here over iTunes. Ultraviolet’s process of buying a movie is incredibly difficult. Why have 3 different logins to redeem a movie I’ve already bought?

And I’m not really buying the movie…it’s kinda like an extended loan as long as I’m online. Appreciate your information but My problem isn’t solved – namely. Getting this movie on my daughter’s iPod.

Thank you for your time. This was a gift but it looks like I will be buying it in iTunes. And I’ll be more careful in the future to avoid ultraviolet titles in the store.


Dec 26 12:41 PM
Ultraviolet Customer Care – Jennifer V. (UltraViolet Customer Care Team)

You can stream full-length movies on WiFi or 3G, or download them to watch offline. To access your movie library, install the Flixster app (free in the App Store) then go to the My Movies tab and log into your Flixster account. Your collection will appear on that tab. If you have not yet linked to UltraViolet, go to http://www.flixster.com on a desktop or laptop browser, log in, then go to the Collection page. You’ll see the option to link to UltraViolet there.

Once the download is complete, you’ll watch it from the Flixster app. Tap on Watch Now, and the app will default to offline viewing.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process,

UltraViolet Customer Care

Dec 27 12:26 PM
Appreciate the explanation. At least I think I understand now.

So I have to add my daughter to my ultraviolet account, then get her a Flickster account and her own Sony account and then link those accounts to a Flickster app which I need to install on my daughter’s ipod.

I understand it. It just seems a bit more complicated than it needs to be.

Thank you for your time. I will be returning to iTunes.


The lady was nice and could at least cut and paste from the Customer Service handbook. I don’t fault her for trying to do her job given the confines she has to work in.

Having said that, once again Ultraviolet takes something that should be simple – redeeming a digital movie code – and turns it into one complicated mess. I think applying for a home loan online is easier.

Why make it so that the customer has to use 3 different interfaces to get a movie – Ultraviolet, Flickster, and then the movie production company that produces the movie? Apparently, Vudu and CinemaNow fit in that mix somehow as well. I’m sure it all makes sense especially to android users.

I freely admit that I am an Apple snob. I love my iPad, iPhones and Apple TV. The biggest reason is that Apple – for all it’s ills – makes things easier and simpler. Buy it in iTunes and all of my devices can get it and download it.

Hopefully there will not be a part 3 to this saga.


3 thoughts on “Ultraviolet & Flickster, Part 2

  1. I struggled with their customer service for eleven months. I asked only that they close the account. They kept telling me, “Close the library, and in 90 days the account will close”. Well, it did not. When I confronted them about it, they changed my name in my profile to “Irritated with us”. Anyway, they finally closed the account.


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