22 Years

This year marks our 22nd year of marriage. We always do something for our anniversary. The highlight so far has been our 20th but this year will be in the solid #2 position.

The Plaza is one of our favorite places to go and this year I decided to surprise Amy with a room at the Raphael Hotel. It’s an old but elegant hotel right across the street from the Plaza.


A free guilty pleasure – free valet parking. And the guys still wear the long coats and hotel uniforms. We get to the counter and the concierge welcomes us, finds out who we are and then he looks up at us and says -“Happy Anniversary! We are so honored that you are celebrating with us. In fact, we’ve upgraded your room to a suite as a gift.”

The suite was nice, big, and comfy. Big couch and comfy chairs. About 15 minutes later there is a knock on the door. It’s one of the long coat guys. Another anniversary gift from the hotel.


That’s right – they brought us chocolates and a bottle of wine. Nice gesture.

Dinner was at 6 in Chaz on the Plaza in the basement of the hotel. We were greeted by the staff with lots of Happy Anniversary. Our waiter was outstanding and I really wish I would have brought our phones to take pictures.

We ordered shrimp and grits for the appetizer. It was incredible – could have been a meal by itself. We both had steak – 12 ounces of tender awesomeness. And then they were going to give us dessert free for our anniversary but we were stuffed. So they picked up our appetizer instead.

The Raphael treated us like royalty. Made for a great anniversary.


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