Sports Rant #10 of 2013 Season: Bowl Edition 1

Alabama-Oklahoma tonight in Sugar Bowl. Two storied programs but I honestly think Alabama will win big. Unless they pull a 2008 Sugar Special. Utah came in and punched ‘Bama in the mouth because ‘Bama didn’t take Utah seriously. And that could happen tonight with Oklahoma. Ask OSU about that.

It will be the end of one incredible run for Alabama. The last three years, the Tide has had no concerns at all when it came to quarterback play. AJ has been the best QB in the country. He is not going to lose a game based on a foolish decision – ahem, Duke, Baylor are you listening? He is a leader and he works the team to the limits of their potential. He is going to be severely missed next year.

Which – to take one final jab at Saban – makes the end of the Iron Bowl even more painful. Put the ball in AJ’s hands. If it’s a loss – fair enough. It’s a loss with Bama taking shots with its best player. /still a little bitter./

Moving on – my hunch is AJ and crew is going to go out with a bang.

Baylor/UCF I want to pull for Baylor. Then I watch them play. They are like the Detroit Lions of the NCAA. Poor defense. Mental errors. Turnovers. Mistakes. Great offense. Undisciplined. Been that way all year with them – especially noticeable when they play good teams. UCF beat them up and Baylor has some major offseason work to do. Mainly learn how to tackle and play a series without getting penalized.

Boring Bowls. There have been a lot of snoozers. For every Duke/A&M or Stanford/MSU game there has been 7 Train Wreck Bowls. Yesterday was bit better but the Bowl Week extravaganza was overall a disappointment.

FSU/Auburn. Who to pull for in this game? I can’t stand Auburn. I think they are the luckiest team in the world this season. They are 3.4 seconds away from being 9-4. 90% of the time they look like the whole thing is going to fall apart but somehow they survive it. Their defense can’t catch a cold but their special teams might just be the best in the land. Ever seen a national champion with a punter as their MVP? It could happen this year.

Florida State – not really all that much better. Let’s all get real here – strength of schedule is not an argument FSU fans should want anything to do with. Clemson and then….crickets. They are fast and talented and they lit up the scoreboard this year. But there isn’t a whole lot of difference between their schedule and Ohio State. So I’m not sure what to make of them.

I will officially pull for Auburn but I’m not gonna lie – there will be a point in the game when FSU will do something awesome and my instincts will kick in and I’ll cheer for them as well. Or I will catch myself yelling something not so nice to Auburn in general – like ‘take that you stupid cow college.’ (I’m a work in progress.)

I do know this: every team that has played Auburn walks away from the game feeling like they were just in a bar room fight. They will not quit. They will not let up. They will not be intimidated. They will walk into that stadium, line up and run that triple veer/modified wishbone/QB option down FSU’s throat. Every single play – punts, field goals, extra points – FSU will feel the intensity and pressure of Auburn.

FSU hasn’t played anybody with that kind of tenacity and running ability. Nor have they played anybody as lucky as Auburn. And that just might make the difference Monday night.


3 thoughts on “Sports Rant #10 of 2013 Season: Bowl Edition 1

  1. You still feeling the same about Bama. I’m a transplant that lives in Bama and I can’t stand them. Saban has been exposed this year. Maybe Saban and Kirby Smart aren’t the greatest ever. AJ cost them the bowl game plan and simple due to turnovers. Saban can’t adjust to teams that don’t run traditional offenses. He wants you to stand toe to toe with him and see who wins. Of course he will win those battles. He has every 5 star in the SE on his team. However, throw something else at him and he can’t adjust. I’m not an Auburn fan either but Gus is going to drive Saban to the nut house before he retires. He hates that kind of FB and refuses to adjust to the changing times. The same can be said for Shaw at Stanford. Saban and Shaw both lack any kind of creativity. They both cost themselves alot of clout with the bowl games. I think they both are too arrogant. They think they can run there program and hit you in the mouth even if you know it’s coming. Not any more.


    1. I think you might be overstating things a bit.

      I do think Saban has a bit of Belicheck in him – he has to be the smartest guy on the field. And that’s his problem. The ‘arrogance’ cost him the Auburn game – don’t get cute and kick a 57yd FG with a freshman kicker. Just kneel on ball and go to overtime. He didn’t.

      And with OU last night – I don’t think AJ cost them the game. His OC and OL cost him the game. Why all the passes when it was clear that OU couldn’t tackle #27. But ‘Bama kept throwing in spite of the fact they had no answer to OU’s pass rush. So to your point – I think the ‘arrogant’ gene kicked in and e went away from the smash mouth style and it hurt them.

      It’s not just about trends. It’s about maximizing the talents and identity of the team. UCF has an identity – strong physical team – and they didn’t compromise that and beat up Baylor.

      And don’t miss the fact that Knight played the game of his life. He made great throws into tiny windows. He did not play like a freshman. They made clutch first downs when they had to have them.

      As far as Auburn/Malzohn goes – they are a good team. He’s a good coach. Alabama/Auburn is set up just like Stanford/Oregon are in the PAC-10(12,14). It’s going to be cyclical. Nobody thought Stanford could beat Oregon, nobody thought they would lose to Michigan State.

      At the end of the night – say what you will – Alabama has 3 titles in 4 years. They aren’t – have never been – this dominant juggernaut. They’ve been opportunistic and lucky in some instances. They are a very good team that for outplayed be another very good team whose QB had an outstanding game.

      Congrats to OU. You beat the Tide.

      Let’s do it again next year for the title.

      And Roll Tide.


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