In Route To Phillippines

Left Topeka at 7 am on MLK Day. I love to travel but hate doing it without Amy and/or kids. Especially on a day when they are home. But these things happen.

Flight delayed but lady put some of us on exit row to Detroit leg. That was nice. Because Detroit to Japan was going to be brutal.

13.5 hours. Last row of plane. 4 guys that average 6ft, 240. It was a tight fit. However, delta had the coolest entertainment stuff. Had an individual console and I could pick from like 30 something movies.

Here was my playlist:

Wolverine: pretty good. Expected him to bust out with “Look down! look down!” At any moment. But he didn’t. Decent action flick to kill time.

Man of Steel: really liked this movie. But it was about 20 minutes too long. The las fight scenes drug on forever. Loved the rest of it though.

Rush: surprised me. Good story. Not sure what the deal is with F1 racing stories. There’s a documentary on Netflix about a Brazillian driver that is incredible. I liked it better than this movie. But it was entertaining.

Oblivion: 2nd favorite movie of flight. Pretty good twist at end.

R.I.P.D.: I wanted this to be funny but it just was merely amusing. Actually… No it was stupid.

Now in line in Japan to go thru security. We get off plane. We stand in line for hour with the same people we were just on plane with. We go through security. We walk around wall and get back on same exact plane. 2 hours. So now I’ve been to Japan.

4 hour flight to Manilla. Airport packed for 1 am. All luggage accounted for!!! Drive to compound.

After years of mission trips, no matter where you go – the most dangerous part is the local driving. We have an incredible driver. Kid might be 13 years old. (Kidding. He does look young.). But he is a beast. After 19 plus hours of boring plane rides, this is like a Red Bull.

We get to compound at 2 am. People are still up, milling around in the street.

I’m bunking with Tim Collins and Bill Horn. I know Tim is a man of great faith because he is sleeping in the bunk underneath me. (insert rim shot here.)

Tomorrow will be full. We will visit two trash sites. Tanza 1 and San Mateo.

Off to bed after 29 hours of travel.






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