TMP Equip, Day 6

Today we worshipped at two different churches, shot some documentary footage, finally got to eat a Kit-Kat Blizzard.

First service was at 8 am in the church next door to where we have been staying. It was a kinda a crazy service. Bill Horn led worship with his guitar and I promise you the decibel level was somewhere around 120. Louder than a jet taking off. I was laughing thinking – it doesn’t matter what kind of music it is – 120 dBs is loud. Quite funny.

Tim Bullington, pastor from Florida, preached there as well as a group from an International School in China did a skit and led a song. Nice service.

We then drove to Tanza 1 site with Pastor Stanley. You might remember him from the documentary Stay. Bill led music there and the place just erupted. Kids, parents, old people – just singing at the top of their lungs in a room a little bigger than our lobby. I have no idea how many people were in that room. The kids sang some songs for us as well.

I preached here. It’s humbling to be honest with you – preaching in a trash dump community church. Quite frankly, if it wouldn’t have been interpreted as being extremely rude, I’d rather have just sat there and listened to Pastor Stanley.

I think every single person in the church came up to everyone of us and either hugged our neck or shook our hands to their face – (a major sign of respect in their community). They wanted pictures with us. They were the warmest group of people I’ve ever been around. We’d been invited into their family.

One of the ladies cooked lunch for us. There was more food there than they probably eat in a month. But they made it for us because they knew we were coming. Generous doesn’t even begin to describe it.

After lunch we shot some documentary footage as well as just hung out with the pastor and his family.

And Jon D. tried to steal my phone again. His time is coming….

The video below will fill in the rest of the details.

TMP Equip Day 5 HD from Grant English on Vimeo.


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