TMP Equip Day 7

What an incredible day, great way to decompress after a very busy week.

Bill Horn, Joe Hodgson, Jon Demeo, John Kazakalis, Rick and our driver Ed took the morning and headed to Daranak Falls. Located an hours drive southeast of Manilla, the park is a series of falls and clear blue water. Apparently the “cold weather” (70-80 degrees F) kept the park empty except for us. We hiked, swam, balanced some rocks in the river bed, ate lunch and just enjoyed God’s creation.

Grabbed the rest of the crew after lunch and headed to the market to end the day. The market was located basically in downtown. The traffic – unreal. I didn’t get as much footage of the market as I wanted. It was just to busy to just stop and shoot. The noise was crazy as well.

We had some dinner then it was time for a short nap before our driver picked us up at 2.30 am to get to the airport by 3.

TMP Equip Day 6 HD from Grant English on Vimeo.


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