It Was An Omen And I Don’t Believe In Omens

We always have a Super Bowl party at the English house. With the Broncos in it this year – was really excited about it. About 10-15 minutes before kickoff, I hear the sound of shattering glass.

I had put the big tv on the bed downstairs to move it. Bed = soft. It was stable when I left to get another cord. About 3 minutes after I walked away I heard the sound. There was no one around it.

Here is the damage:


Right as people were coming into the house. I’m not sure what bothered me most – that my tv was busted beyond repair or that it bothered me that my tv was busted beyond repair given what I saw last week.

Let’s just say It was a huge reminder that I am not as far down the road with my walk with Jesus as I would like to be.

Then the game was a disaster as well. Seattle just beat the snot out of Denver from the start. The defense played well enough to win. Special teams and offense got manhandled by Seattle. Not only were they directly responsible for 22 points but they consistently put the defense on a short field OR put their offense on a long field.

This loss was way more painful than the San Fran beat down in the ’80’s. No team was going to beat those ‘Niners. But to absolutely have a showing like last night – bitter.

Now a long winters wait till football.

At least we have the Olympics this year.


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