Movie Review: The Lego Movie


Everything is awesome…

…except this movie.

It wasn’t awful either. It was…average. Which is a disappointment because it had all the ingredients to be ‘completely awesome.’ (By the way, the excessive use of the word awesome in this review is by design as that word must have been used around 763 times in the movie.)

The basic plot line is close to The Matrix. Emmit is an average guy who is ‘The Special’ that will free the world from the oppressive dictatorship of Lord Businessman. Wyldfire/Lucy is Trinity. Morgan Freeman plays Morpheus. It works – for the most part – as long as they stay zany and unpredictable.

Most of the funny parts are in the trailer. The moments of complete lunacy, mispronounced words, and emphasis on wrong syllables produces some hilarious moments but then it’s followed by an actual story and plot twist mixed in with live action. It sort of almost worked but not really.

It’s an hour of fun and laughs followed by a 30 minute attempt to make a real story out of it ending with another 10 minutes of setting up a sequel. My favorite part was the parody/fun they had with Batman. And the Star Wars reference.

My youngest thought it was okay but ‘not as good as Frozen.’ We had free movie tickets so I didn’t walk away with buyer’s remorse. It’s a good movie for kids – they will love it just not sure if it’s worth a full price excursion. If you’ve got young ones – take ‘me to see it at the dollar movie or make it a family night rental when it hits BluRay/DVD.


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