NBC, Quit Messing Up The Olympics

Dear NBC,

I realize that you had a tough assignment this year – televising the Olympics with a 10 hour time difference. Most of us already know the outcome by the time you get on the air but let’s be honest – it’s the Olympics. People love the Olympics. The other networks have practically forfeited the time slot to you.

So where have things gone wrong?

Your schedule. Saturday and Sunday afternoons from noon to 5 should be prime Olympic viewing. I should get live look ins and medal ceremonies. Not Inside Edition and an infomercial on a fruit juicer.

Speaking of medal ceremonies – I’ve yet to see one. For any country. Do they still have them in Sochi? Be nice to see one every now and then. And it doesn’t have to be one where they sing The Star-Spangled Banner.

Ice skating/dancing/twizzles. I think I speak for all of us when I say I’ve had enough. The team dancing medal is a disastrous idea now that I’ve seen in it action. It sets us up for an extra three nights of ice skating. We now have ice dancing, couples short program, couples long program, women’s short, women’s long, men’s short, men’s long, the ‘show’ after the medals, and team dancing where we see them all. We are not even halfway through and I’m done with it.

The post-event interviews – just stop them. We get what you are trying to do – get a cry moment right after the event but it’s classless and we don’t want to watch it. I’m not just talking about the Bode Miller interview either. Every interview is like that – looking and asking questions like that. It’s clear that your producers are training your reporters to do this. Just stop it.

The gay angle. This is partially Putin’s fault but you aren’t helping. I don’t really need to know the sexual orientation of every Olympian when they medal. “So-and-so won the gold in the 1500 – who is openly gay – and Putin was at the medal ceremony and he shook her hand and they sang Kum-by-yah together which is a bit ironic since that’s an African Hymn but I digress.”

Al Roker in a luge suit. With Matt Lauer on top of him. Are you trying to set back diplomatic relations 75 years?

Matt Lauer. This is a tough one because Costas is/was sick. Costas – when he sticks to sports – makes everything awesome. Lauer makes everything…well… He looks bored half the time. Except when he is luging.

What has worked? Last night worked – skiing, snowboard cross, free ski half-pipe. You moved from event to event. The analysts were perfect and knowledgeable.

Then you started those post-event interviews again.


One thought on “NBC, Quit Messing Up The Olympics

  1. Amen and amen. You said everything I was thinking! And isn’t Ice Dancing just Figure Skating without the jumping (the only cool thing about it)? And doesn’t NBC own like 53 cables stations….why aren’t they using them ALL? Pretty sure they paid a bagillion dollars to get the Olympics…perhaps they should show them? The online stuff is cool…but not something I can watch in 60″ HD glory!


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