Climbing The Capitol

When we first moved here, they started working on the Capitol Building and finally after 5 years – it’s finished. Mostly.

The coolest thing – the dome is now open. And what a tour it was!

Dome Tours are given Monday thru Friday, 15 minutes after the top of the hour starting at 10:15 and the last tour goes up at 3:15. Check their website or call to double check.

There are 296 steps according to the tour lady. Camber counted 294. Cooper had 295. Either way, my legs were feeling it. We also learned that counting steps helps people climb without thinking about the height.




Two of the above pics are from the first stop on the Dome tour. It’s inside looking up and down. The inner dome was installed for two major reasons. First was to creat ambient light. The second was to keep the warm air in the building, not allowing it to escape thru the dome.

The renovation is gorgeous. The copper around the railing and columns are beautiful. They have left the backside of the columns and railings alone so you can see the difference.

You head up thru a narrow door to get to the 7th and 8th level. This is where we first experienced people quitting on the tour. I think you can see why.



It’s 6 stories of single wide staircase, followed by a walk out over the top of the inner dome, with a spiral staircase to complete the trek to the top of the building. This is the view from the spiral staircase looking down.


The hardest part of the trip is the spiral staircase. I don’t do circles. Heights don’t bother me. Circles – ohhhh boy. I’d been more comfortable if they had put a ladder to climb up.

The view from the top is amazing. The sun reflecting off dome was quite the look. Here are some of the pics.







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