I Thought Elway Was A Stud As A Player…

The fans of about 30 teams right now have to be saying – “Why the heck doesn’t my team act like the Broncos?”

Elway has come in over the last three years and completely turned around the Broncos. I’m not even going to go over the draft choices.

Fires McDaniel.
Hires John Fox.
Hires Jack Del Rio.
Signs Manning.

We could stop there and that would be enough. But Elway didn’t.

Trades Tebow.
Signs Louis Vasquez.
Signs Wes Welker.
Signs Terrance Knighton.

But wait – there’s more.

Signs Talib.
Signs TJ Ward.
Signs DeMarcus Ware.

The Super Bowl loss was painful. Not going to lie. The Seahawks just manhandled the Broncos and Elway pretty much has said – never again. He goes out and signs 3 tough as nails defensive players.

Elway ain’t playin’.

The popular opinion around the web is that the Broncos are mortgaging the future for the present. Maybe. But consider these numbers:

Broncos started offseason with 28 million to spend under cap. Champ is released: +10 million to that number. Chris Kuper retires: +4 million. That’s 42 million to spend under the cap.

TJ Ward by all accounts signed for under what he could have gotten elsewhere and for less than what his agent said he was asking for. Plus – he’s 27. He’s in his prime. It’s a 4 year contract. This is a great signing.

Aqib Talib is a beast of a contract. 6 years but it’s all front loaded. He’s under 30, big and fast corner. Problem is – he has yet to complete a full season. This is the riskiest of the signings. But let’s be honest – worse case scenario is that now Denver doesn’t have to play against him. It’s an aggressive move.

Ware – he’s a known stud and a great locker room guy. 3 years. He’s 31. It’s a risk if he gets injured but what a sight to have Von Miller on one end and Ware on the other. This is really the only ‘rent a player’ contract and the upside is ridiculous.

Here are the scary numbers for the rest of the league:

15 of their starters are 28 or younger. 7 are under 25. So they are one of the youngest teams in the NFL.

Of course, Manning is the lynchpin in all of this. If he is healthy, it’s all good.

What a great time to be a Bronco fan!


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