My Love/Hate But Mostly Love Relationship With Psych

Psych is wrapping up its 8th and final season this month. Amy and I have been with the show since the 7th episode of season 1. I immediately fell in love with the show and it’s obscure 80’s reference and it’s tongue in cheek way it pokes fun and most cop shows.

If you aren’t familiar with the show – it’s kinda hard to explain. There is a guy who has a photographic memory but he pretends to be psychic. His best friend is a black guy who is a drug dealer. Seriously – he works for a pharmaceutical company. They help solve crimes for the Santa Barbara police department. Along the way there is a lot of banter, crazy humor, 80’s music and movie references.

The early seasons focused on the lessons that Sean Spencer learned and how they eventually were used as an adult. The humor was fast and the crimes had an air of reality to them.

Season 4 was the first sign of trouble. They tried this love triangle thing between Sean and Juliet and whoever Sean or Juliet was dating at the time. I think there was a writer strike in the middle of all of that. At any rate, the episodes got a bit stale and the story line kinda got sappy.

Season 5 was an improvement as was 6. Juliet and Sean were now an item but the writers were smart enough to not beat us over the head with the love story stuff. Cary Ewles appeared in a couple of episodes that were completely awesome.

Then there came season 7. Most of the season was okay. It was how they ended it. Juliet discovers Sean is in fact not a psychic. It was over dramatic. It was stupid. Plus they dumped the old chief and brought in a new interim chief which just made the show annoying. But I figured the end was near and they were setting us up for the end of the series.

Then came Psych: The Musical. Oh my gosh. It was a piece of comedic art. I had real hope that the writers had once again found their mojo and the show was on like Donkey Kong.

They followed that up with a Harry Potter/Cary Ewles episode that was truly fun to watch.

But the last few episodes – the remake of an earlier episode, Woody getting held hostage, and basically any episode with Trout as the chief – has sucked.

Then they completely tease us by bringing the old chief back for all of 10 minutes this last episode and proceeded to tell us that now Juliet is leaving – which you knew was coming but we still have like 4 episodes left AND…..

Apparently Juliet has also developed amnesia because she hasn’t said word one about Sean not being a psychic and they are back together.

This is probably why most series only last 3 to 5 seasons. Psych will go down as one of the all-time great comedies but I’m hoping for a big finish.

And perhaps another musical.


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