Why Kansas City Chief Fans Annoy Me

Actual conversation today…

KC Fan: You a Bronco fan?

Me: Yes, I am. We had a pretty good year.

KC Fan: You guys got destroyed in the Super Bowl. Your offensive line was exposed by the Seahawks.

Me: Yeah, they pretty much did to us what they did to the rest of league all year long. That defense just pushes teams around, keeps the opposing teams defense on the field until they break. They beat us up.

KC: And Elway – his signings this offseason have been stupid. He hasn’t signed one offensive lineman. You guys are going to get beat again.

Me: So you would have been opposed if KC had signed arguably the best corner and safety available in free agency plus a great defensive linemen?

KC: You don’t get it. The Broncos need offensive line help otherwise you are just going to win the AFC again and get beat by the NFC again. Don’t you get tired of rooting for a team that loses in the Super Bowl?

Long pause…..

Me: So to recap – as a Kansas City fan, this is your explanation of why over the last 20 years your organization refuses to win a single playoff game?

And thus ended our conversation……


4 thoughts on “Why Kansas City Chief Fans Annoy Me

  1. Grant,

    I have great respect for the Denver Broncos. I don’t like KC, I happen to be a Detroit Lion fan….even worse. However, no one has closed the gap on Denver in the off season. Their defense didn’t go anywhere and no matter how many good signings Elway made, it’s not enough. You win championships with Defense. You upgraded yours, but not enough to compete with Seattle.


    1. A Lion’s fan? Wow. Hard times, brother.

      No argument on the defense not being at the same level as Seattle’s. But I don’t think they have to be.

      I think it’s a mentality Elway is trying to get into Broncos – we are not going to be pushed around. And these 3 guys bring that.

      And the Super Bowl was the exact opposite of the rest of the season for the Broncs. Their defense played well enough to win, the offense — well I never thought I’d ever say this about Manning – was predictable.

      Seattle looked like they shared the huddle with Denver.

      Never the less – I’ll take the offseason Elway is putting together over anybody else’s. He is trying to win.


  2. I agree. One of the few ex-players that is turning into an outstanding executive. He has the public eating out of this hand. He has a coach that doesn’t desire to share the spotlight with him (because he’s very arrogant). However, I’ll take arrogant if you can back it up and so far he is.

    I need some love with my Lions. There is talent galore. They just can’t put it together. They are cursed.


    1. Us Bronco fans prefer the term ‘hyper-competitive’ to arrogant! Ha ha ha

      Lions – good night, I have no idea what to say. Think Stafford has the guns to be awesome but there are times when you just go – what the heck is he thinking????’

      Maybe Caldwell can coach them all up.


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