You Have No Idea How Hard Kindergarten Is

There were earlier signs of trouble to be sure. But when she put a death grip on the passenger-side door window, trying to climb back in the car…that was as sure of a sign as any that she wasn’t happy about returning to school after spring break. But I told Amy she had to go to school.

Okay – it wasn’t Amy. And I am in complete awe as to how ferocious a cute, little, Brazilian kindergartener can be. Rebekah (pronounced Hebekah) loved Spring Break. Then she resorted to the only language she knew we’d understand when it came to going back to school.

Eduardo and Marthina impress me though. There is no panic in their parenting. They are going to allow her the opportunity to push through this. In other words, she’s not getting to stay home. There will be no rescue. She’s going to have to suit up and head inside.

Of course, I’m hearing this story at dinner later that night. I’m looking at Rebekah and all I can think is ‘how long could she have hung on to that door?’ She’s has no idea that it is taking her a lot more energy fighting the battle instead of just gearing up and making the best of it. We’ve all been there. Some still live do.

“The truth of the matter is that everyone feels that way the Monday back from Spring Break. We just can’t get away with acting that way.”

That piece of wisdom came from one of my teenagers. And when Rebekah hears it – dimples emerge. Of I try to imagine them hanging on the side of the car as we drop them off for school. I’m impressed with the insight.

“But if we could….”

And we are back to reality…

It’s this moment that it hits me – this is what families do. They tease and encourage each other. Does Rebekah understand this? Does she understand that she now has three new, tall, English-speaking, older brother and sisters that both love her but are going to just be ruthless with her?


Yeah. She gets it.

And the house is a bit full with 9 of us. And there is often three or four instances a night where we use the wrong word and laughter consumes the table but honestly….

Not sure I’d want it any other way.


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