2014 Summer Film Festival

For the past 4 years, I’ll take 3 weeks in the summer and basically walk through some movies with our church. The whole point of it was to get people to start watching movies differently – with a spiritual set of eyes. More accurately said – with our spiritual set of eyes tuned in.

I’m not sure what famous person said it but I love the quote “It’s impossible to keep the Gospel out of a good story.” I think (I know) it’s why films like Star Wars (the originals, not the prequel pile of …) and Lord of The Rings have such a deep impact on our culture. They tap into something true, something that reflects the story we find ourselves already in. That ‘something’ is the Gospel.

We are opening up the ballot this year as to what movies we tackle. You can find the nominees on this page and it also has a space for you to write in a nominee as well.

Couple of disclaimers. We (the Creative Team at Western Hills) try to pick one family movie that everyone – no matter the age – can watch together. We also try to get one ‘older’ movie that will more than likely appeal to the over 13 crowd. Then we try to pick either a film that you probably haven’t seen. What ever film we pick, we want it to be ‘meaty.’ In other words – we want it to present to us some themes and issues to deal with. Hey, I love the non-stop action flick like anybody else. It just doesn’t make for a great conversation piece.

It will be around the middle of May when we will announce the films.

Alright – go vote.


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