Movie Review: Gravity

It won 7 Academy Awards.

Don’t ask me how.

Special effects? Can totally see that. There were multiple scenes where I was going – ‘how in the world did they shoot that?’ Listen, I know it’s all greens screens these days but it didn’t look like a green screen. Some amazing cinematography.

Best Director? Ummm…okay.

Let’s be clear – this really isn’t a fair review of the movie. I went in expecting 2001 or at least the space version of Castaway or 7 Years In Tibet. Probably wasn’t a fair expectation, then again maybe it was given all the hype and the caliber of actors in the film. Let’s face it – these two – Bullock and Clooney – are two of the best ever actors.

After an incredible and visually stunning first 15 minutes of the film, it sort of coasted a bit and then when it was about to get interesting again –


Bullock’s character starts dealing with her past, the loss of her daughter, and her own insecurities – and it just races to the end. Much to abruptly, I might add. Who ever walks out of a movie thinking – you know, they needed another 20 minutes or so to end that movie?



Until now.

Overall, it’s worth a rental. It’s one of the most visually stunning movies ever. Think Avatar and Life of Pi.

Unlike Castaway (another movie that depended upon a single actor carrying the bulk of dialogue and acting for a movie), Sandra Bullock (who I have always had a major crush on) just doesn’t quite hit the depth of authenticity or subject matter that was available to explore. I don’t think that is the fault of execution. I think it’s the fault of material. It just wasn’t there for her to explore. The script just didn’t take her there.

Clooney nails his part in the incredible short time he had to do it. You immediately fall in love with his character and want more from him. I almost wish they had kept him around a bit more to help push Bullock’s character a bit deeper into her own mind.

Gravity left a lot on the table. It could have really explored the topics of faith, life, regrets, grief, and survival. What is super frustrating about this is the film sets the table up to explore all of this about as perfectly as you can. It has all the ingredients – great visuals, incredible acting, and a superb setup. Gravity sucks you into the moment, gets you completely ready to deal with the deeper issues of life and then………..

It races to end the movie. Instead of being a film that you watch over and over again, it’s one that you’ll watch once, enjoy the eye candy and will forget about it entirely when this summer’s barrage of movies hits the theater.

It is a fine movie…but it doesn’t deliver like it could have.



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