New Feature On the G sides

You know how much I love movies so I stumbled upon this cool little plugin called WP Review. It allows me to rate the movie – on a bunch of different scales if I wanted to – and it puts a cool little review box at the bottom of the post.

But here’s the cool part – it lets YOU rate the movie as well. So click on a couple of these movies or hit the sidebar widget and see for yourself.

Movie Review: 20 Feet From Stardom
Movie Review: Gravity
Movie Review: Let The Fire Burn

I like the plugin but I’m having a couple of issues with it.

1. The review won’t show on the home page or an archived page of all my movie reviews. The only place the plugin works is on the individual post page. I’ve asked for help on this in a couple of support forums but so far – to no avail.

2. Font issues. I’d love to be able to change the font of the widget and the review box to match my current theme. I’ve look in a couple of different places but there just doesn’t seem to be an easy fix for this without jackin’ up the other stuff.

3. The color of the widget background and review bars. Figured this one out. Took some doing.

4. Love to have the ability to put my own title above the widget with the widget itself. Know what I mean?


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