WordPress Plugin Issues – WP Review

So you may have noticed the blogging has kinda tapered off the last few days. I found what I thought at the time was this incredible plugin – called WP Review. Plugged it in – got it working, changed the look of it a bit so that it ‘matched’ the theme of the site but I ran into a couple of what I thought were small issues.

Turns out they are not so small after all.

In short, the plugin is supposed to allow you – the reader – the opportunity to interact with my reviews on movies (or whatever else I wanted to review). It has a cool little box with stars (or points if you prefer those to stars) and you can pick your own colors.

The first problem was that the review box would not show up on the homepage or archive page, or any page that had multiple posts on it. It would only show up on the single post page.

Headed to their support forums and got two fixes. The first one didn’t work. The second one sort of worked. It put the review on the home page and/or archived pages but it was stripped of all the custom colors and the user rating interactive no longer worked.

The support forum has gone cold on help and I’ve gotten tired of sitting up late at night trying to fix it. It can’t be that hard of fix – but I don’t know CSS coding well-enough to problem solve it.

It’s a shame because if the could get those two issues solved – it would be the best plugin out there on reviewing items. I’ll try it again this weekend because it’s too good of plugin to punt yet.

Just heard from one the plugin guys. Apparently it’s a bigger fix than either one of us thought. They are going to put it in the next update.

Major kudos to the plugin author for getting back to me and tracking it done.


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