Communion Thoughts

We will participate in communion this coming Sunday at Western Hills. One of the things we’ve wrestled with at Western Hills is how often should we observe it? I know some traditions observe it every single week. Other traditions are one time a quarter or once a month.

Right now, we make sure we observe communion once a series. That averages out to about once every 4 to 6 weeks – depending on the length of the series. I like it. There are times when I wish it was more often but I can say by purposing it once a series, it has taken on a deeper meaning for me than before.

I love participating in communion – especially the way we tend to do it at Western Hills. We put out the elements and have it available as a response of worship during our music. There’s freedom in getting ready for communion and going to the table with purpose – as opposed on waiting for the table to come to you. I encourage families to come up together as well as Connect Groups or disciplining relationships.

This Sunday, we are going to observe it ‘in the round.’ The table is in the middle of the room and we – the congregation – will be sitting around the table. The Table is the focal point. I realize that I’m kinda spilling the beans to those who read my blog, but I think the setup for Sunday is going to accentuate an element of communion that we sometimes forget.

The cross and resurrection are center to all we do and are as the Church. The cross and resurrection unifies us all, it is the tie that binds (to steal a line from an old hymn) and it’s good to put something in the middle of us to help us remember that.

It’s also good to look over the elements and see other brothers and sisters that are observing it with us…to remind us that we are all in this together…that we are family. And strong families love to sit at the table together.


3 thoughts on “Communion Thoughts

  1. Our new church practice is to practice it every week, generally after the message as part of a time of response and worship. Took me awhile to get used to it, but wouldn’t go back. There’s always something in the teaching/focus to apply to our remembrance and living out of the cross.


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