I Love The NFL Draft…

But my family doesn’t.

So Cooper and I will watch the draft tonight and hope against all hope that Denver actually uses their #31 pick. I’m betting they trade out of it. Odds are they trade down – they have done this the last couple of years and I don’t really seeing that trend change.

Could they trade up? They could but I’m guessing that will be a steep cost in terms of picks, although Denver does have a few compensatory picks to play with. (NOTE: Can’t trade compensatory picks but you can trade your other picks and use the compensatory ones.)

Linebacker is the obvious position Denver needs help at and if indeed they trade up – that would be the position they’d most likely draft. The problem? Looking at all the different draft boards concerning inside backers, there is only one inside backer slotted for the first round – CJ Mosely of Alabama. Most mock drafts have him going in the 15-20 range.

But here is the kicker – guess who has the #17 pick? The Ravens. They have a need for an inside backer as well and they play the 3-4. So you figure Mosely is absolutely on their board. So the Broncos will have to go 16 or higher to get him.

The other need is running back. With Moreno gone, none of the backs in the Denver stable really ‘wows’ you. And they all have fumble issues – particularly the disaster for hands Hillman. Montee Ball, last year’s 2nd round pick, had a few moments of brilliance last year…I would argue too few considering the Broncos could have picked Eddie Lacy last year but traded out of that pick. I wonder if they regretted that decision on Super Bowl Sunday this past year?

[By the way – the Super Bowl still just…smokes me. How in the world does that happen?? It wasn’t even a game and it got to the point of where you just had to choose which disaster do you want to watch? The Wide Receivers getting manhandled and dropping passes? The offensive line behaving like turnstiles? The running backs missing blocks and fumbling? Manning looking like he’d been kidnapped and replaced with his brother? UGggggggggggg!!!!!!!!]

Okay…deep breath.


Where were we? Running backs. Right.

It’d be nice if the Broncs were sitting there at 31 and if that bruiser of a back from Ohio State Carlos Hyde was still there – that they would just draft him. It would be an awesome message to those running backs – we ain’t playing. Get your head right and learn how to block and not fumble otherwise we are just going to keep bringing guys in.

Any rate – looking forward to the draft. Other just for fun predictions:

Houston – keeps the pick, takes Clowney.

Jacksonville – irony of ironies they will draft Manziel and he will have the same kind of career that Tebow had.

Cleveland – they have replaced Oakland. They’ve drafted first round QBs and RBs in the last 5 years and none of them play anymore – most of them are not even on the team.

Oakland – going to be disappointing this year because they will probably actually make a pick that makes sense. Which is to bad. This was great television every year – wondering how in the world would Oakland pick. They pick a WR. Because the other 27 WR picks that Al Davis made have yet to catch a pass.

Minnesota – they have to draft a QB, right? Broyles?

Kansas City – have no idea but I wonder if they draft a QB. Conventional wisdom says get a WR from this draft as it is deep with WRs.

The big drama will be the Cowboys – will they seriously draft Manziel?

Gonna be fun.


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