My Thoughts On Draft In Real Time

Most of these ended up on my twitter feed.

Houston takes Clowney. Not sure what all the drama was about. It was the only real pick they could have made.

JACKSONVILLE!!! I like this pick. You need a QB, you think this is the guy. Pick him. Who cares if it’s “too early.”

Cleveland fans – you have my pity. Move up in draft and pick an average CB over a QB. Browns – you are the new Oakland.

Still shaking my head at Cleveland pick…and laughing. Out loud. You know Elway is too.

What I once thought was inconceivable, I am now predicting – Dallas will draft Johnny Football.

Ravens – pick Mosley. Dang it.

Makes you wonder if Vikings & Browns went: let’s trade picks, both make stupid picks, replace Raiders as most confounding team at draft

Somebody must have slipped Jerry Jones a mickey because that’s not a bad pick.

Possible landing places for Johnny Football tonight – Rudy’s Bar & Grill, Valhalia Bar, Bobby Flay’s Place.

If KC picks Johnny Football, guess what I’ll hear ALL year from KC Fans? IF they don’t pick him, guess what I’ll hear. This is bad.

Browns get back in hunt, pick Manziel. They have done this before – see Brady Quinn. That ended badly for all. Cleveland – where dreams go to die.

KC drafts a defensive player from Auburn…what could possibly go wrong. And he is coming from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Go Chiefs!

The last few picks – Philly, Arizona – fans are like – “We drafted who??”

You can feel the air is gone out of the room now that Manziel drama is gone.

I am permanently sick of the song “I’m a man, I’m a man, I’m a man.”

Everyone knows what New England is going to try to do – trade out of the first round so they can eventually pay Brady more money.

I’ve seen enough Ray Lewis tonight. He is wearing me out. Just mute his microphone.

Denver pick is in….PLEASE be the OSU RB??!!!!

Wrong OSU player. Good night. And they are showing all his missed tackles. He’ll fit right in with the Broncos.

Good night of drama. This is the one time of year that even Raider and Brown fans have hope. Not impressed with Bronco’s pick…we will se how he plays out.

Off to bed.


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