Movie Review: Chasing Ice


James Balog, a photographer for National Geographic, was having a hard time separating the drama, the science, and the politics surrounding global worming. He wasn’t even sure if he believed any of it was true. So he did his own research – photographing pictures of the earth’s biggest glacier over the course of air. in the political rhetoric surrounding the issue, he tired of the rhetoric and political drama surrounding global warming. So he set out to do his own research the only way he knew how – with a camera.

Actually with a lot of cameras. He sets up cameras on the world’s most famous and largest glaciers and let’s the cameras run for over 6 years. In this case, a picture is worth 10 million words.

It’s not a political rant from the far left, it’s the pictures from someone who loves the beauty of our planet.

His point is well-made but it takes a while for the story to get moving. I’m not sure how he could have gotten around this. I can’t imagine how he pitched this idea in the first place:

‘I’m going to make a movie about melting ice. It’s a follow up to the blockbuster hit Watching Paint Dry. ‘

Visually – the pictures will move you and haunt you. It just takes a while to get there.


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