When Does School Start Back Up?

Man, it’s hot today.

I hate it when it rains.

Don’t you hate muggy weather?

I’m bored.

I don’t want to cut the lawn.

What’s for lunch? We had that yesterday.

This is work…I thought summer vacation was for rest.

When do the kids go back to school?

These phrases sound familiar? Allow me to recite another list that was heard just a short 90 days earlier.

I’m sick of the cold.

When will it ever stop snowing?

I’m sick of school work.

I’m too busy.

I’ve got another activity to go to??

I need a break.

When is school out?

I realize that in the pantheon of sins there are some doozies – the 7 deadly come immediately to mind. But it just very well may be that discontentment is the worse one of them all. Discontentment feeds all the other sins. We are greedy because we aren’t content with what we already have. We lust because we aren’t content with what we have. We lie because we aren’t content with the truth.

Discontentment is in a constant state of ambush. Not three weeks ago, I said to my family – I’m not complaining this summer about the heat after the winter we had. Yesterday – I caught myself about to complain about the heat. THREE WEEKS??!! That’s all I lasted??

Perhaps Yoda said it best –

All his life has he looked away…to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was, what he was doing. The boy is reckless.

That’s the real danger of discontentment – it puts us in positions to live reckless lives. Reckless in the worse sense of the word. Reckless as in – no thought of others or consequences.

I tell my kids all the time – be in the moment. Don’t grow up too fast. Be thankful for everything. It’s great advice – advice that honestly I wish I could follow better myself. It’s advice that hopefully will keep them (and me) content with wherever we are because I am convinced that discontentment is our culture’s great enemy. How many times do we miss the incredible around us because we are more focused on the incredible we don’t have?

Let me encourage us all to take some time this summer to recalibrate our thankful meters. Thankfulness is the best solution against discontentment. I think that’s why we have so many Psalms calling us to be thankful.


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