Using Pallets For Theater Style Seating

We are almost done with the redecorating of our basement space. We moved the TV, added chair rail, some paint, and a $50 ping-pong table but what I think is most cool is the theater style seating.

First order of business – find some pallets. Had a buddy who had about 10 of them in his barn. I only needed 4 but picked up 8 to be safe. Cost – free. Can’t beat that.

Second order of business – laying out the “grid.” There is a fairly popular ‘theater pallet’ project online that most folks refer on this subject. I’m not going to link it because while it looks pretty – it has a major design flaw. They used their pallets to hold twin mattresses. What you end up with is a three level, theater style setting in which you have to lay down to watch a movie and be under 5’10” to enjoy. That’s a major problem as A) most people don’t come over to lay down and watch a movie and B) I am over 5′ 10″.

Instead, I used the pallets as a base for our love seat and sofa. Got sofa covers to complete the look.

One thing to note if you tackle this project. Not all pallets are created equal. Or even. I first set mine up in the garage to make sure that the top deck was level. I had to cut one down to make sure the length matched and it ended up being a bit of work.

I also added a doubled layer of canvas fabric on the bottom of the pallets to protect my carpets. Attaching the canvas was a bit of trial/error. I started with staples then finishing nails. Moved to a spray adhesive. The spray adhesive worked but was messy. On the second set of pallets – the one for the loveseats – I used a plastic/vinyl material and used Liquid Nails. That was the best option of them all.

Here are some before/after pictures:



20140610-094610-35170641.jpgfinal look


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