The Post Summer Film Festival Wrap Up

3 films in 3 weeks. That’s what we just got finished doing at Western Hills. Here are the links to the both my reviews and the discussions on Sunday mornings.

I need to give two huge ‘thanks’.

First to my home church, Western Hills. I don’t know how many church families would not only allow but enjoy 3 weeks of working through films critically and seeing them through the eyes of Christ.

Second, to Nathan Mees. He is a high school teacher at Washburn Rural High School that teaches a class called Film as Literature. He has a keen insight into film and great handle on how to tell a story. If you only listen to one podcast of the discussions – listen to the Life of Pi one where Nathan gives us a crash course on what to look for in a film.

I love doing this because I think it’s so important for us to see films as modern parables. This art form can be very, very beautiful. And beauty makes us better worshippers.

Life of Pi Movie Review
Life of Pi Discussion with Nathan Mees

Frozen Movie Review
Frozen Discussion (with Cayden)

Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review
Saving Mr. Banks Discussion with Parker Dane


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