TMP Honduras Update for Monday

The crew have one more day of work – that’s today.

They will work on the houses this morning, finishing up details then go to AFE for lunch.

AFE is the local ministry that Trash Mountain partners with. They serve trash dump kids lunch as well as have pre-school reading program. Today the kids of the church have a special ‘something’ for the Americans.

After that, the team will head back to the houses to dedicate them with the families that will live in them. I’m sure that will be an emotional moment for them all.

Health-wise, sounds like after a long week of everybody dealing with heat, exhaustion, dehydration, and some sort of “TD”, the whole gang is back to normal. Well, as normal as they can get.

Tomorrow they travel back home to us. Looking forward to hearing the stories.


One thought on “TMP Honduras Update for Monday

  1. Pastor Grant English you and your family have such a heart for Jesus Christ in your life. Keep up serving the Lord with your desire for missions.


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