I Want The Roof Fixed But…

Our church is getting the roof fixed this summer. It’s been a process dealing with contractors, insurance representatives, vendors, and matching tile and colors, getting the rooftop units ready to be moved – all those fun details that nobody thinks about with fixing a roof.

I was getting a little stressed about the whole thing when I had a much wiser and older friend walk into the office and tell me – “Grant, you focus on the pastoring. I’ll focus on the roof.”

THAT was a blessing.

However, one of the ‘side issues’ has been my study place. I normally can use my office as a place to write and study. Yes – folks pop in and say hi but that really doesn’t bother me a whole lot.

What bothers me is the walking around, drilling, hammering, shuffling, and nailing that goes on 4 feet above my head when they are working on the roof. At times it sounds like I’m about to have an army drop through the roof and land in my lap.

Which would be a funny picture.

I’ll be glad when the roof is finally fixed.


One thought on “I Want The Roof Fixed But…

  1. Praise God you got the money for the roof to be fixed. I know a local Church called Emmanuel Baptist that has no air conditioning because someone robbed the copper and they have have no money. Gary Roten Pastor Pray for the poor church in need.


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