Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Do you remember when Marvel Comics decided to be their own production company for movies? Everyone was like this is a bad idea on steroids. Can’t really blame the pundits at that time as all they had to go on was Howard The Duck and the completely atrocious DareDevil and spin-off Elektra. (By the way – the geniuses who signed Ben Affleck to be Batman obviously has never seen DareDevil.)

At any rate…Guardians was a pleasant surprise of a movie. An assassin, a thief, two bounty hunters, and a literal thug find themselves thrown together to save the universe from a power-hungry villain with a deep voice. We get the standard ‘bonding’ moments that most films like this create but what really makes Guardians unique is the humor.

It’s quick and zany at times. Think Psych in Space – back when Psych was funny. Rocket – voiced by Bradley Cooper – is master of the one-liners and steals the movie. Great themes of friendship and sacrifice with very little bad language. The pace is quick and the story line is easy to pick up and follow.

Guardians is already set up for a sequel so we will see if Marvel can continue the magic. It’s a solid addition to the Marvel universe.


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