Movie Review: Divergent

You know those movies that are just guilty pleasures? You like them even though you can see right through the plot and storyline? Divergent was that for me.

In a nutshell, Divergent is your basic post-apocalypse/totalitarian/rebellion love story. There are 5 sects to fit in and then there are those who don’t fit and can’t be controlled – these are the Divergents.

The story progresses along with very few surprises and while it doesn’t have the grit of Hunger Games, it holds it own and never goes overboard with drama like Ender’s Game does.

The visual effects are nice, Chicago is quite creepy looking as well. There was nothing awesome about the movie – fairly predictable – and clocking in at 2 hours 14 minutes was a bit long but it set up the sequel nicely.

Themes of friendship and loyalty run throughout the film as well as the core question of ‘what determines who I am?’ Is it fate or is it choice? What are the limits of fate and choice?

The film never really wrestles with these questions choosing instead to focus on the bad guys who are trying to take over the world and stop them.

Good flick to watch with your pre-teens and teens.


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