2014 Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels

For the last few years, I’ve tried to do an entry for each of the sessions at the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit. This year – just going to do a quick hit entry for the sessions that really moved me.

Bill Hybels: Hard Fought Leadership Lessons

As usual, Bill’s passion for Christ and leadership still amaze me. His standard mantras were here in this session.

Every one wins when a leader gets better.
Everything rises and falls on leadership.
Armed with enough humility, we can learn from anyone.

Every leadership decision is spiritual. It affects people’s spirit and psyche.

IF you get to addicted to vision, the people around you feel like equipment.

The executive leaders must own culture change. The culture will only be as healthy as the senior leaders want it to be.

People join organizations, they leave managers.

Raise the level of candor in your evaluations. Use the words: Stop, Start, Continue. Focus on the 3 M’s: Move, Modify, and Motivate. Every meeting a leader has with people should end with that leader motivating those people.

Hireling types vs. Legacy types.

Legacy people leave something beautiful behind them. Legacy comes with a price tag.

Burrow Kane story of Louisiana State Penitentiary – incredible story.

Nobody has ever drifted into great leadership.


2 thoughts on “2014 Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels

  1. What Warden Burl Cain has done at Angola Prison is amazing. My pastor is directly involved with him and trying to help implement this on a macro scale. Pretty awesome what God does when people hear and obey.


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